Manifesto Magazine

I'm happy to announce that my interview with Gili Karev for Manifesto Magazine has arrived! Manifesto is a high-end art, fashion and culture magazine out of Hong Kong, China and can be found at international newsstands, bookstores and major retailers such as Bookazine, Dymocks, great Food Hall, HMV, Page One, and PARKnSHOP. For those that can't find a copy near you, I've posted low-resolution scans of the article below. Click on the images to enlarge or download a PDF version HERE.

Manifesto #14: The Dark Horse's Issue. "Close Quarters," page 1.

Manifesto #14: The Dark Horse's Issue. "Close Quarters," page 2.


A sneak peek at what's cooking in my studio. 

Underpainting for Liz. 9"x12", watercolor on paper mounted on board. 


I've started a new body of work which I hope to unveil later this year. However, if you are interested in watching it unfold from sketches to drawings and paintings, you can head over to my Instagram Page. I'll be posting updates and sneak peeks into the work as it's being made. I'll also be posting images of ephemera that have a direct influence on the creation of the new work. best of all, my Instagram Page is public so you can still view my images even if you're not an Instagram user. 


Buy Art: Help Replace Stolen Camera

Last week, while we celebrated the 4th of July with friends and family, someone stole my camera

As many of you know, I use my camera on a daily basis as part of my work flow. As a concept designer, production artist and (duh!) freelance photographer, I use the pictures I take to create character and setting design, site-specific renderings, family and wedding photo albums, promotional visuals, book illustrations, and much, much more. 

In an effort to raise money to replace my stolen gear I am offering prints, commissions and even private watercolor lessons in exchange for your generous contributions.

Please click here to learn more. 



Thank you to everyone who helped me raise the funds to replace my camera. If I haven't already contacted you to thank you directly I will do so shortly. Likewise, If you commissioned a piece I will reach out to you to discuss the details of the work. 


The New Digital Puritans

Screenshot of my watercolor painting,  Marley , censored by Google+.

Screenshot of my watercolor painting, Marley, censored by Google+.

Censorship and social media are two institutions that seem destined to continually intersect these days. For artists trying to establish themselves online and make use of the global market, a healthy Internet presence can have a vast influence in making the unknowns, known. Unfortunately, for work that challenges, defies, arouses or upsets, the hurdles are many and severe. With service policies that favor the innocuous, many artists find their place on sites such as Facebook and Google+ limited at best.

Several weeks ago, I sat down with Samantha Villenave, to discuss my experiences with online censorship and how it’s affected my work and my practices. The resulting article was published earlier this week on Hyperallergic. Click HERE to read further. Warning, the content of the article may not be safe for work.