In Conversation with Metro Asheville

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of sitting down with JC Tripp, of Metro Asheville, a guide to Asheville's more urban-leaning music, art and culture. We talked about online censorship, nude selfies, why I left New York, and what lays ahead for my work. Below is an exert from the interview. 

Body Language:
Reuben Negron’s Intimate and Intricate Nude Portraits

His work is an open dialogue on the human body, at its most revealing and telling. Negron tells stories with nudes, but invites the viewer to fill in the narrative, giving clues and body language that can be interpreted in many ways. Cues come from body language, setting, lighting and props, not unlike a stage. It’s up to the viewer to interpret what’s going on in his work, which is rich with detail and nuance and open to interpretation.

His latest series, This House of Glass is an intimate exposé on what we keep hidden from others – and in many cases, what we hide from ourselves. Working with volunteers, Negron interviewed each model about their lives, personalities and history; specifically focusing on sensitive and vulnerable details they normally keep veiled. Through this process their personal narratives were dismantled and reconstructed into Negron’s work. Staged in the model’s own home or place of special interest, each painting is a cumulative experience not meant to document a singular instance but to illustrate the entirety of the model’s story. Truly profound and moving works of art, both in their orchestration, and revelation.

Throughout his career as an artist, Negron has been exploring themes of intimacy, psychology and social politics, and most recently gender, identity, and sexuality through visual narrative. There is no shock value to his work, unless the viewer finds the human form shocking. Instead, Negron is telling stories of human sexuality and body image in an honest and provocative manner, without the smoothing over or covering up. His work’s bare honesty and intimacy expose a vulnerability and beauty that lies in all of us.
— Metro Asheville, September 29th, 2015

Manifesto Magazine

I'm happy to announce that my interview with Gili Karev for Manifesto Magazine has arrived! Manifesto is a high-end art, fashion and culture magazine out of Hong Kong, China and can be found at international newsstands, bookstores and major retailers such as Bookazine, Dymocks, great Food Hall, HMV, Page One, and PARKnSHOP. For those that can't find a copy near you, I've posted low-resolution scans of the article below. Click on the images to enlarge or download a PDF version HERE.

Manifesto #14: The Dark Horse's Issue. "Close Quarters," page 1.

Manifesto #14: The Dark Horse's Issue. "Close Quarters," page 2.

An Interview with Rooms Magazine



Back in December, I was fortunate enough to have one of my watercolors (above) featured in the tenth issue of Rooms Magazine. This month I have the pleasure of sharing a candid interview with Rooms Magazine's very own, Rhiannon M. Kirkland. We chatted about my past work, up coming projects, and the lessons of high school theater. You can check out the interview HERE.

Please note, some of the images are NSFW.



Art+Talk Hang out with Samantha Villenave and Paul Roustan

Yesterday afternoon I signed on for my first Art+Talk Hangout and it was a blast. Art+Talk Hangout is a series of casual conversations with artists from around the world that are streamed online in real-time using Google Hangouts. The brainchild of Samantha Villenave, an artist located in Ardèche, France, Art+Talk in an opportunity for artists to shed the pretense of the gallery walls and speak frankly and unscripted about their work, life and anything else that happens to come up in conversation. I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive about speaking on air but Samantha and Paul are gracious hosts and did an excellent job of making me feel welcome.

The video is an hour and 20 minutes long but choke full of flubs, gaffes and laughs (with a little insight sprinkled here and there) so give it a go - and if you have any questions about anything discussed in the video, please leave a comment and I'll answer them as soon as possible. Cheers.

Art+Talk Hangout - Live Online Interview



Tomorrow afternoon, 2pm est., I will go live on Google Hangouts for my first-ever on-air interview with Art+Talk. For those who don't know - Google+ Hangouts is a free video conference/chat service from Google that enable group chats with up to 10 members at a time and Art+Talk is a weekly series of on-air interviews with visual artists from around the globe. The event will be hosted by Samantha Villenave and Paul Roustan and will stream live on It will also be recorded for later viewing on YouTube on the Art+Talk network. The Hangout will last for one hour, the first 30 minutes of which will be moderated by Samantha and Paul, after which is will open up to questions from the public. You are welcome to watch and interact through comments section or get in line to enter the Hangout once it opens up. During the Art+Talk Hangout I'll discuss my work, process, the trials of being an artist-dad and much, much more. See you then.

Join me, Sunday, October 21st at 2pm est.

Official G+ InviteArt+Talk on YouTube | Hangout Network

Digital Painting on the iPad


Ever since David Kassan showed me a time-lapse video of his first iPad painting I've been dying to try it for myself. After a long wait, I finally got my hands on an iPad and started experimenting over the holidays. Thus far I've used Sketchbook Express, ArtRage and my app of choice, Procreate. I've also tried out a few different stylus', preferring the hand-held approach to the 'finger painting' method. At the moment I'm using a Targus 2-in-1 Executive Stylus which combines a conductive touch-screen nib with a traditional roller ball pen.

Recently, the good folks over at Targus caught wind of my doodling and asked to interview me about integrating the iPad into my work. You can check it out here: Artist Pushes Creative Boundaries With Apple iPad.

UPDATE: Targus recently contacted me informing of coupons for their online store available on The Raw Feed. If you're interested in trying the Targus 2-in-1 Executive Stylus check THIS LINK to save a few dollars on your purchase.