behind the scenes

Work In Progress

Here is a detail from Aida, the latest addition to This House of Glass. I started by laying in a monochromatic blue underpainting to define the shapes and space of the room and figure. Then I layered in transparent washes of local tone to further define the structures and light source. At this point I'm laying in reflected light and pushing the shadows further to establish the value range we'll see in the finished piece.  Check back for more soon.

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Work in Progress

Aida Detail

Many people see the final drawing before I move onto a finished painting - but few ever get to see what that drawing looks like once I transfer it onto the watercolor paper. All of my problem solving is done on small pencil sketches leading up to the final drawing (see HERE) but the real details are added once I transfer that drawing to the watercolor paper. I mount a blown-up copy of the final drawing to the back of the watercolor paper and use it as a road map while I re-draw the entire composition - once again from the photographic reference. This gives me the opportunity to "flesh" out the details and lay down a system of lines that later communicate how the paint will be applied. It's a slow and methodical process but it ensures that by the time I start the underpainting I've accounted for as many variables as possible.