Go Figure at Blue Spiral 1


I am pleased to announce that I will participate in my second group show with Blue Spiral 1: GO FIGURE.

GO FIGURE is a multi-disciplnary survey of figurative art, from the photographic and sculptural, to the painterly and graphic. The exhibition will encompass the main gallery at Blue Spiral and run from May 3rd through June 29th, 2019.

Incorporating painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and textiles, Go Figure explores personal interpretations and approaches to the figure as wide ranging quilted portraits, cut and woven photographs, and life-size cast glass sculptures.
— Blue Spiral 1

Artists include:Dean AllisonTamie BeldueArthur BrouthersIan BrownleeJulyan DavisDustin FarnsworthKathleen HallLuke HaynesReuben Negron, Jon SoursDavid Samuel Stern.

The opening reception will be held on Friday, May 3rd, 5-8pm.


Into the Blue at Blue Spiral 1

I am excited to announce my participation in Blue Spiral 1’s group show, INTO THE BLUE. This is the first major showing of my work in Asheville, NC and I’m excited to show in the community that has so readily welcomed me and my family. I will be showing a collection of seven watercolors, both recent and past works, including one, never before exhibited tondo.

If you are interested in receiving information about the show or any of my available works, please feel free to contact the gallery here: Contact Blue Spiral 1


Erotica Asheville: A Benefit For WNCAP

Last year, in an interview with Metro Asheville, I remarked how eager I was to see how my work would be received once I started showing in North Carolina. Well, it looks I’ll get my chance. I am happy to announce that I will be showing a handful of drawings and paintings, both new and old, from my ongoing series Dirty Dirty Love as part of Erotica Asheville, opening February 26th at The Satellite Gallery in downtown Asheville. 

Erotica Asheville is the brainchild of Advocacy Through the Arts, who’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for the Western North Carolina AIDS Project (WNCAP) while creating a platform for thoughtful and considerate conversation about sexuality and sexual responsibility. This year’s event showcases work by eight Asheville-area artists and photographers and is hosted by The Satellite Gallery, located at 55 Broadway St., across the street from the Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center. The opening is Friday, February 26th, from 7-10pm and will remain on view through the weekend. Donations for WNCAP will be accepted at the door. 

The Western North Carolina AIDS Project is dedicated to preventing new cases of HIV/AIDS and promoting self-sufficiency in people living with HIV. WNCAP provides HIV-related client support, prevention, education and advocacy activities guided by the belief that all people are entitled to equal access to health care and disease prevention.

Advocacy Through the Arts and The Satellite Gallery present
Erotica Asheville
Friday, February 26th
55 Broadway St., Asheville, NC 28801
Donations for WNCAP accepted at the door

In Conversation with Metro Asheville

Earlier this summer, I had the pleasure of sitting down with JC Tripp, of Metro Asheville, a guide to Asheville's more urban-leaning music, art and culture. We talked about online censorship, nude selfies, why I left New York, and what lays ahead for my work. Below is an exert from the interview. 

Body Language:
Reuben Negron’s Intimate and Intricate Nude Portraits

His work is an open dialogue on the human body, at its most revealing and telling. Negron tells stories with nudes, but invites the viewer to fill in the narrative, giving clues and body language that can be interpreted in many ways. Cues come from body language, setting, lighting and props, not unlike a stage. It’s up to the viewer to interpret what’s going on in his work, which is rich with detail and nuance and open to interpretation.

His latest series, This House of Glass is an intimate exposé on what we keep hidden from others – and in many cases, what we hide from ourselves. Working with volunteers, Negron interviewed each model about their lives, personalities and history; specifically focusing on sensitive and vulnerable details they normally keep veiled. Through this process their personal narratives were dismantled and reconstructed into Negron’s work. Staged in the model’s own home or place of special interest, each painting is a cumulative experience not meant to document a singular instance but to illustrate the entirety of the model’s story. Truly profound and moving works of art, both in their orchestration, and revelation.

Throughout his career as an artist, Negron has been exploring themes of intimacy, psychology and social politics, and most recently gender, identity, and sexuality through visual narrative. There is no shock value to his work, unless the viewer finds the human form shocking. Instead, Negron is telling stories of human sexuality and body image in an honest and provocative manner, without the smoothing over or covering up. His work’s bare honesty and intimacy expose a vulnerability and beauty that lies in all of us.
— Metro Asheville, September 29th, 2015

Asheville, North Carolina

On the Blue Ridge Parkway.

On the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Big news everyone! - We've moved to Asheville, North Carolina! After visiting several states and cities, we decided to make Asheville our new home. It's a pretty big change for us considering both Neomi and I have spent the majority of our lives in the Tri-State area (NJ+NY+CT), but it's one that we were eager to make. Western North Carolina is a beautiful place known for it's mountainous landscape, locally sourced food and it's love of beer. We've been here a month and already feel at home in our new city. But don't fret, we plan on visiting the NorthEast regularly and I'm sure work will have me back in NYC in no time. 

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Exploring the alleys of Asheville.

Exploring the alleys of Asheville.

Isabel breaking in my new studio.

Isabel breaking in my new studio.