Single Fare 3

Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens

This week, Single Fare 3 opens at RH Gallery in Tribeca and if you're in town it's an event not to be missed. The brain child of Michael Kagan and Jean-Pierre Roy, Single Fare 3 features works of art made with or on credit card-sized plastic Mew York City Metrocards. The show is an open call exhibition and draws the attention of all manner of visual creatives, from the novice to the established. Last year's exhibition attracted over 1000 artists working in everything from painting and drawing to sculpture and video. Each piece is sold for $100 ($200 for the first hour of the opening reception) regardless of the artists' stature. That means with a trained eye it can be a great way to collect work from some of the industry's top names!

The opening reception is this Wednesday, February 13th, from 6-9pm, at RH Gallery. It's open to the public but considering the appeal of the show it's advisable to arrive early. If you miss the opening the show will be on view through February 22nd.

I've contributed two pieces to the show this year, both seen here. Both are watercolor on paper mounted on Metrocard and represent two distinct personal memories tied to two distinct Brooklyn neighborhoods - Carroll Gardens (above) and Fort Greene (below). Each measure 3 3/8" x 2 1/8".

Fort Greene

Fort Greene

One Hundred Dollars

Faded_One Dollar Bill

This coming weekend, I'll be part of an exciting (and some would say provocative) show called One Hundred Dollars. The brain child of Andrew Smenos and Sergio Barrale, One Hundred Dollars challenges 100 artists to create a single work of art utilizing a one dollar bill as its canvas. The show will open at LittleField this Saturday, July 14th at 6pm. Each unique piece will sell for $100. 

Check out the press release below:

The title of the exhibition is "One Hundred Dollars". All the artwork for this show utilizes the U.S. ONE DOLLAR BILL as a canvas. There will be one hundred artists in the show. All the artwork is available for one hundred dollars each.

Money is simply a piece of paper, Art is simply a form of communication, yet both carry incredible power. Concepts permeate art and money. The perception of value or authority. The ancient codes used and doctrines communicated. Layered and surreal images that appear with beautifully crafted portraits, scenes, symbols, forms and typography from generations past. Precious objects we exchange and collect. One Hundred Artists, One Hundred Dollar Bills, every dollar bill Art Piece is for sale for One Hundred Dollars.

Opens: July 14th 6-9pm  Closes: August 9thLittleField 622 Degraw Street New York, NY 11217

Artists Included: Reuben Negron, Kristen Schiele, Paul Gagner, Taylor McKimens, Joel Dugan, Tricia Keightley, Jordin Isip, Julie E. Brady, Daniel Maidman, Jason Gandy, Michael Kagan, Eric White, Joe Heaps Nelson, Maria Kozak, Rachel Schmidhofer, Kyle McCoy, Joe Sorren, Mauricio Salmon, Lola Serrano, Ian Brauner, Hazel Lee Santino, Rob Leecock, Felicia Forte, Aliene De Souza Howell, Matt Morris, Hyunjin Alex Park, Benjamin Martins, Sarah Stenseng, Jean Pierre Roy, Rachel Pontious, Matt Leines, Richard Saja, Thomas Martin, Carmen Von K, Chris Leib, Stefi Sakata, Reiner Hansen, Brian Novatny, Jonny Ruzzo, Victor Kerlow, Steve Ellis, Jsun Laliberte, Jennifer Grimyser, Cheryl Arent, Shirley Cruz, Nelson Loskamp, Vic Selbach, Christian Johnson, Nghia Nguyen, Marcia Shapiro, Don D'Aries, Sahar Ghaheri, Gabe Albin, Brian Rattiner, Rawan Rihani, Nathan Stapley, Jeff Faerber, Natalia Zubko, Matt Rota, Maureen Drennan, Emily Noelle Lambert, Rebecca Litt, Ryan Scully, Lauren Hickman, Justin Baldwin, Brandon Sines, Eric Trosko, Paul D'Agostino, Mark Sengbusch, Paul Brainard, Alexandra Evans, Daniel Davidson, Lee Misenheimer, Casey Farnum, Nina Ljeti, Ms. Dingo, Taylor Bowen, Fedele Spadafora, Hannah Lee, Rachel Levit, Eric Pearson, Eric Araujo, Jeff Sims, Christopher Casamassima, Billy Norrby, Ariana Barat, Megan Berk, Patrick Meehan, Reid Bingham, Maya Brym, Paul Del Bosque, Jess Rees, Sergio Verdeza, Kenneth Pietrobono, John Felix Arnold III, Patrick Shoemaker, Josh Steinbauer, Jessica Lynn, Chaz Faxton, Tina Marie Alleva, Alessandro Echevarria, Kiki Valdes, Sara Mcbeen, Tim Jaeger, Andrew Smenos, Sergio Barrale.

Work In Progress

Here is a detail from Aida, the latest addition to This House of Glass. I started by laying in a monochromatic blue underpainting to define the shapes and space of the room and figure. Then I layered in transparent washes of local tone to further define the structures and light source. At this point I'm laying in reflected light and pushing the shadows further to establish the value range we'll see in the finished piece.  Check back for more soon.

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ARTS|Not Fair

ARTS|Not Fair

It's Armory Week and as the Art Elite descend upon NYC for a maelström of VIP after parties and back room dealings I am installing my contribution to Like the Spice's inaugural mini-fair, ARTS|Not Fair.

Offering an alternative to the usual suspects of Armory Week, ARTS|Not Fair dares to question: "What do you do at art fairs? Try to steal a pass, struggle to find the lounge, squeeze into the V.I.P. room and maybe, maybe manage to find a couple pieces of art that don’t make you want to roll your eyes. And then it’s off to the after-party for handshakes and fun and it’s all forgotten until Miami. Doesn’t it leave you wanting something a little more intimate? Something different?"

ARTS|Not Fair opens this Friday, March 9th with a Press Preview from 4-6pm, followed by a VIP Preview event from 6-9pm.

The Opening Reception (open to the public) will be on Saturday, March 10th, from 6-10pm. The opening party will feature special performances and panels in conjunction with Brooklyn Armory Night.

Regular Show hours: Saturday, March 10th, 12-7pm and Sunday, March 11th, 12 – 7pm.

Once the fairs close and leave town, ARTS|Not Fair will be extended through April 1st, 2012.