FREAK OUT!! at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

I will have three new watercolors on display in Chicago starting next week on the 15th of April. These new pieces will be part of FREAK OUT!!, an art show tribute to the spirit of DISCO. FREAK OUT!!, curated by Didi Menendez of PoetsArtists Magazine and Sergio Gomez of the Zhou B Art Center, brings together work by 50+ artists and poets that express and examine the boldness, liberation, individuality, and decadence that defined the Disco era. The works will include visual arts in various mediums and styles including poetry, painting, drawing, video installation, sculpture, and performance. The exhibition will take place in the 13,000 sq.ft. second floor gallery of the Zhou B Art Center. 

FREAK OUT!! will be on view in Chicago from April 15th to May 14th, 2016. 

The opening reception is open to the public and will be held Friday, April 15th, from 7-10pm.

A catalog of the exhibition is available online HERE

Silvio Porzionato
Micahel Van Zeyl
Kip Omolade
Reuben Negron
Matthew Cherry
Nick Ward
Angela Hardy
Nadine Robbins
Jeff Bess
Cesar Conde
Jaime Valero
Victoria Selbach
Daniel Maidman
Daena Title
Pauline Aubey
Erica Elan Ciganek
Elizabeth Claire
Geraldine Rodriguez
Suzy Smith

Jan Brandt
Sharon Pomales
Natalie Roseman
Adam Holzrichter
Mike Selbach
Debra Balchen
Lacey Lewis
Melinda Whitmore
John Walker
Jeff Filipski
John Korn
Sonne Hernandez
Steven Da Luz
Patrick Earl Hammie
Debra Livingston
Francien Krieg
Adrian Cox
Dorielle Caimi
Bryce Ramming

Angela Swan
Shana Levenson
Daliah Ammar
Joyce Polance
Martin Easley
Tanja Gant
Mary Jones Easley
Katalin Studlik
Christopher Kienke
Nin Andrews
Grace Cavalieri
Ron Androla
Grady Harp
Joshua Gray
Matthew Hittinger
Sara Nordmark
Janice Bond


Interview with PoetsArtists Magazine

Last month I was interviewed by PoetsArtists Magazine leading up to this month's opening of The Artist's Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century, currently on view at Sirona Fine Art in Hallandale Beach, Florida. The exhibition features work by 40+ artists, each dealing with "the female form and persona... ith the artist themselves as subject, and in the greater context of the society we live in." 

Here is an excerpt from the interview: 

What compels you to the specific women you choose to paint?
Many of my models come to me as volunteers. Most have seen my watercolors online or in various galleries and are compelled for reasons entirely their own to be a part of the work. The majority have never even posed nude before. My work investigates the relationship between what we project in public and how we live in private. Much of the subject matter deals with body politics, sexuality, and identity. It’s all very personal and requires a level of involvement from the models that goes beyond posing - it asks that they share a part of their own story in addition to their likeness.
It’s not easy to open up like that, especially to a stranger, so I find that all of my models, regardless of gender and age, possess a level of bravery that I admire and am immediately drawn to. In many ways I don’t choose them, they choose me.

Click HERE to read the rest of the interview...

The Artist's Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century


I am pleased to announce that I am part of The Artist's Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century, a two-part collaborative group exhibition curated by Victoria Selbach and organized by PoetsArtists Magazine and Sirona Fine Art

The Artist’s Gaze: Seeing Women in the Twenty-first Century focuses on those who seek to capture the reality and complexity of the women they choose to see, says Curator Victoria Selbach. The female form can be compelling appropriated as a talisman, simply an object of beauty, a call to desire, an icon of popular culture, a visage to portray a fetish in the artists personal fantasy, a character in a larger narrative, a stand in weighted with mythological symbolism and allegory, or a plaything for creative virtuosity.
— from the Press Release

The Artist's Gaze features work by over 40 artists including: Aleah Chapin, Alison Lambert, Alyssa Monks, Bernardo Torrens, Brian Booth Craig, Cesar Santos, Christian Johnson, Cindy Bernhard, Daliah Lina Ammar, Daniel Maidman, Delita Martin, Dorielle Caimi, Erica Elan Ciganek, Erin Anderson, Hollis Dunlap, Jaime Valero, Jason Bard Yarmosky, Jeff Faerber, Jennifer Balkan, Judith Peck, Krista Smith, Lauren Levato Coyne, Maria Kreyn, Mark Horst, Marshall Jones, Mary Beth McKenzie, Matthew Cherry, Melinda Whitmore, Mia Bergeron, Michelle Doll, Nadine Robbins, Nick Ward, Park Hyun Jin, Patrick Earl Hammie, Reuben Negron, Richard Thomas Scott, Ryan Shultz, Stephen Early, Stephen Wright, Susannah Martin, Tim Okamura, Victoria Selbach, Wesley Wofford, and Will Kurtz.

The entire exhibition is published in PoetsArtists #61: The Artist's Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century, and includes writing by Steven Alan Bennett, Janice Bond, George Henoch Shechtman, Carter Jckson-Brown, Deanna Elaine Piowaty, Tim Smith, and Howard Tullman. PoetsArtists #61 is available in digital download and in print

Sirona Fine Art will host the exhibition in Hallandale Beach, Florida from Saturday, February 21st to Sunday, March 15, 2015.  The opening reception takes place from 6-9pm on Saturday, February 21st and includes complimentary cocktails and hor d’oeuvres. To attend, please rsvp to: info@sironafineart.com

I will be in attendance for the opening and hope, if you're in South Florida, to see you there.