FTS Gallery Reception Photos

Photo by Steve Walter Photography.

Photo by Steve Walter Photography.

Saturday's opening at Stratford, CT's very own FTS Gallery was a stunning success. I want to take a moment to thank everyone involved in putting the show together and especially thank each and every person that attended. It was an immense honor to engage in very real and thoughtful conversation with you all and a special joy to reconnect with some old friends. I also want to tip my hat to the artists, Andrzej Dutkanicz, Ruben Marroquin and Michael J. Clocks, for being some ridiculously talented and stand up fellas. I look forward to working with you again. 

Photos of the event can now be seen online HERE. 

Courtesy of Steve Walter Photography.


I've started a new body of work which I hope to unveil later this year. However, if you are interested in watching it unfold from sketches to drawings and paintings, you can head over to my Instagram Page. I'll be posting updates and sneak peeks into the work as it's being made. I'll also be posting images of ephemera that have a direct influence on the creation of the new work. best of all, my Instagram Page is public so you can still view my images even if you're not an Instagram user.