I will have three new watercolors on display in Chicago starting next week on the 15th of April. These new pieces will be part of FREAK OUT!!, an art show tribute to the spirit of DISCO. FREAK OUT!!, curated by Didi Menendez of PoetsArtists Magazine and Sergio Gomez of the Zhou B Art Center, brings together work by 50+ artists and poets that express and examine the boldness, liberation, individuality, and decadence that defined the Disco era. The works will include visual arts in various mediums and styles including poetry, painting, drawing, video installation, sculpture, and performance. The exhibition will take place in the 13,000 sq.ft. second floor gallery of the Zhou B Art Center. 

FREAK OUT!! will be on view in Chicago from April 15th to May 14th, 2016. 

The opening reception is open to the public and will be held Friday, April 15th, from 7-10pm.

A catalog of the exhibition is available online HERE

Silvio Porzionato
Micahel Van Zeyl
Kip Omolade
Reuben Negron
Matthew Cherry
Nick Ward
Angela Hardy
Nadine Robbins
Jeff Bess
Cesar Conde
Jaime Valero
Victoria Selbach
Daniel Maidman
Daena Title
Pauline Aubey
Erica Elan Ciganek
Elizabeth Claire
Geraldine Rodriguez
Suzy Smith

Jan Brandt
Sharon Pomales
Natalie Roseman
Adam Holzrichter
Mike Selbach
Debra Balchen
Lacey Lewis
Melinda Whitmore
John Walker
Jeff Filipski
John Korn
Sonne Hernandez
Steven Da Luz
Patrick Earl Hammie
Debra Livingston
Francien Krieg
Adrian Cox
Dorielle Caimi
Bryce Ramming

Angela Swan
Shana Levenson
Daliah Ammar
Joyce Polance
Martin Easley
Tanja Gant
Mary Jones Easley
Katalin Studlik
Christopher Kienke
Nin Andrews
Grace Cavalieri
Ron Androla
Grady Harp
Joshua Gray
Matthew Hittinger
Sara Nordmark
Janice Bond


There is a rather frustrating sentiment in contemporary art that realism equates to "antiquated" or "conservative" or worst yet, "derivative." John Seed, writer, curator, and professor of art and art history at Mt. San Jacinto College in Southern California, tends to disagree. He recently penned an article in The Huffington Post entitled, Empathy, Humanism and Liberalism: Today's Realism is Anything But Conservative, that challenges those prejudiced notions and showcases a group of artists that use realism to push conceptual, thematic and social frontiers. I am honored to be one of those artists featured in the article. 

The social issues that are at the heart of today’s liberal politics — including women’s rights, LGBT issues, racial equality and secular identity — are animating a wide swath of representational paintings. Many are not overtly political, but instead they focus on human dynamics and situations with an emphasis on the power of empathy. Rather than focusing on life’s hardships, like the Social Realism of the early 20th century, today’s Progressive Realists are interest in human identity in the context of social and political constructs. To put it another way, realists have taken on many of the view and projects that have pre-occupied Postmodernists, but do so using time-honored methods and media.
— John Seed, Empathy, Humanism and Liberalism: Today’s Realism is Anything But Conservative

Other artists featured in this article include Brad Kunkle, Aleah Chapin, Erin AndersonMilan HrnjazovicSteve LinbergDiana CorvelleKyle HackettJean-Paul Mallozzi, and Matt Ballou.  

Click HERE to read the article in it's entirety. 

I'm happy to announce that my work will be included in the 4th Annual 12X12 exhibit opening tomorrow evening at San Francisco's Gauntlet Gallery. Every year, Gauntlet Gallery, now in partnership with Analog Tattoo Arts Kollectiv, brings together an eclectic collection of art by some 40+ internationally recognized artists. There are no restrictions place on theme, medium or format save for the 12 x 12 inch size constraint. The result is a group show of varied and diverse small works that survey the landscape of new contemporary art. 

The piece I will be showing (above) is the first in a new body of work that will continue to develop over the coming years. I'm excited to have it out in the world as a calling card for things to come as I transition away from the topics explored in This House of Glass and into something far more personal and revealing. 

12X12 opens tomorrow, the 11th of March and runs through the 1st of April. The opening reception will be from 6:30pm - 9:30pm and is open to the public. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area or traveling there over the next month I highly recommend checking it out. 

All questions and inquiries can be directed to Luke and Rowan at info@gauntletgallery.com.  

Adam Caldwell
Adam Ziskie
Beau Stanton
Ben Frost
Brian Batt
Brian Mashburn
Chad Pierce
Chad Wys
Christine Wu
Eric Inkala
Evan Venegas
Frank Gonzales
Horyon Lee
Ian Reynolds

Jason Bryant
Jesse Ozar
Jet Martinez
Johnie Thornton
Jose Mertz
Joseph Grazi
Josie Morway
Justin Hagar
Katy Ann Gilmore
Kelly Ording
Kenta Torii
Kieran Collins
Lauren YS
Michael Reeder
Mikael Takacs
Niagara Detroit

Pam Glew
Reuben Negron
Sasha Ira
Serge Gay Jr.
Sergio Garcia
Ted Lincoln
Tes One
Tracy Piper
Valentin Fischer
Victor Solomon
Wiley Wallace
Yang Cao


Last year, in an interview with Metro Asheville, I remarked how eager I was to see how my work would be received once I started showing in North Carolina. Well, it looks I’ll get my chance. I am happy to announce that I will be showing a handful of drawings and paintings, both new and old, from my ongoing series Dirty Dirty Love as part of Erotica Asheville, opening February 26th at The Satellite Gallery in downtown Asheville. 

Erotica Asheville is the brainchild of Advocacy Through the Arts, who’s mission is to raise funds and awareness for the Western North Carolina AIDS Project (WNCAP) while creating a platform for thoughtful and considerate conversation about sexuality and sexual responsibility. This year’s event showcases work by eight Asheville-area artists and photographers and is hosted by The Satellite Gallery, located at 55 Broadway St., across the street from the Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center. The opening is Friday, February 26th, from 7-10pm and will remain on view through the weekend. Donations for WNCAP will be accepted at the door. 

The Western North Carolina AIDS Project is dedicated to preventing new cases of HIV/AIDS and promoting self-sufficiency in people living with HIV. WNCAP provides HIV-related client support, prevention, education and advocacy activities guided by the belief that all people are entitled to equal access to health care and disease prevention.

Advocacy Through the Arts and The Satellite Gallery present
Erotica Asheville
Friday, February 26th
55 Broadway St., Asheville, NC 28801
Donations for WNCAP accepted at the door

AuthorReuben Negron

I'm excited to announce that I will be showing new work with Arch Enemy Arts in their upcoming exhibition, 'The Royals.' 'The Royals' features 18 local and international artists tasked with creating contemporary portraits of traditional occupations and positions from the Middle Ages. My contribution (below) is a nod to Leonardo DaVinci's "Lady with an Ermine" and features real-life farmer, butcher, and author Meredith Leigh. Entitled simply, 'The Butcher,' this watercolor measures 16 x 12 in. and is painted on paper mounted and sealed on wood panel.  

Artists participating in this show include:
Alex GarantCaitlin HackettCarly Janine MazurChris LeibChris SeamanCrawwDavid SeidmanFabio D'AromaGustavo RimadaHeather McLeanJared TuttleJason HernandezJulianna MennaRachael BridgeRodrigo BorgesTom Bagshaw, and Wendy Ortiz.

The exhibition opens Friday, December 11th, 2015, and runs through Saturday, January 16th, 2016. Please feel free to contact Lawren Alice or Patrick Shillenn at Arch Enemy Arts for more information or click the invitation below to be redirected to the gallery's website. A preview of the show can be seen HERE

It’s no secret that I use photo reference in creating my work; my painting method is laborious and using photos helps ease the burden on my models and my schedule. But one thing I always caution my students on is becoming a slave to the reference. Photos are a powerful tool in the making of art but directly copying a photo without a fundamental understanding of light, structure, and color can leave your images flat and lifeless.

Above is an example of one of my recent watercolors and the reference used to paint it. Every artist that uses reference has their own way of incorporating the materials into their work. I view my reference as a road map: There to guide me in a general direction from A to B, but ultimately allowing me the freedom to explore other avenues. 

The differences between the reference and the finished piece above are obvious, and I wouldn’t have been able to convincingly make those changes had I not spent numerous hours drawing and painting from life. 

The ability to believably fill gaps in detail, alter colors and lighting, and even change anatomy all come from observational study. As with any other part of your process, let photographic reference be a tool, not a crutch. Never let a lack of information in a photo limit your art. Instead, study from life and apply those lessons to your work, using photos as a prompt, a reminder, a road map along the way.

AuthorReuben Negron
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