Interview with PoetsArtists Magazine

Last month I was interviewed by PoetsArtists Magazine leading up to this month's opening of The Artist's Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century, currently on view at Sirona Fine Art in Hallandale Beach, Florida. The exhibition features work by 40+ artists, each dealing with "the female form and persona... ith the artist themselves as subject, and in the greater context of the society we live in." 

Here is an excerpt from the interview: 

What compels you to the specific women you choose to paint?
Many of my models come to me as volunteers. Most have seen my watercolors online or in various galleries and are compelled for reasons entirely their own to be a part of the work. The majority have never even posed nude before. My work investigates the relationship between what we project in public and how we live in private. Much of the subject matter deals with body politics, sexuality, and identity. It’s all very personal and requires a level of involvement from the models that goes beyond posing - it asks that they share a part of their own story in addition to their likeness.
It’s not easy to open up like that, especially to a stranger, so I find that all of my models, regardless of gender and age, possess a level of bravery that I admire and am immediately drawn to. In many ways I don’t choose them, they choose me.

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