Digital Art 101


In my continuing effort to understand and improve my digital art, I've started doing academic figure and portrait studies. Rather than pick up from where I am in my watercolor work, I have an inclination to start over - to relearn how to paint - with this new medium. I'm using an iPad in figure drawing classes and have been reading about palette configurations and brushing up on my color theory. There's something very rewarding about approaching my digital work this way. It's giving me an opportunity to break away from my normal process and reevaluate how I approach painting as a whole - both in concept and in technique. When the time comes, I'm curious to see how this digital practice will inform my large watercolors. 

The piece above was made late last night. The reference is courtesy of Claudia Hajian, a professional art model located in NYC. Check out her blog where she writes about her life, her work and much much more.