Studio Visit

Yesterday I had my first studio visit in the new space with Like the Spice director, Marisa Sage. We went over plans for my upcoming solo show, talked about my work process and discussed the story behind each of my new paintings. During her visit, I realized how insulated my work process has been since moving out of NYC - it's not often that I get a chance to really delve into the why's and wherefore's of my work; most of the time I just dig my feet in and plow forward. Explaining my motives opened up a better understanding of how this new work evolved and what truly lies at its core. The moral of the story: talk about your work. The more you say it out loud and more people ask questions, the better you'll understand it yourself. Mark your calendars - the opening reception will be Friday, September 9th, 2011!

Below are a few images taken by Marisa from yesterday's meeting...

Dana, preparatory sketch and painting in progress.

Sample compositions.