Hello world!


It's long been a desire of mine to share with everyone up-to-the-minute news about what's going on behind the scenes. From gallery openings to sketchbook drawings, model shoots to painting tutorials, I've wanted an outlet where I could keep people informed  of all the work the goes into making the work.

Enter the Blog.

Blogs are old hat for most people by now, but for someone who was slow to make the move to DVD's (I still have an impressive VHS collection), setting up and maintaining a blog just wasn't in the cards. But time has a habit of initiating change.

On this blog, I'll be posting drawings, paintings, photos, gallery information and anything else that might pertain to my work. It will also provide a means to better interact with artists and collectors interested in knowing more about my work and process. That being said, I do encourage anyone who frequents this site to participate by sharing your thoughts or comments. As always, I'll do my very best to address every question you might have.


Reuben Negron Stamford, CT 2011