Like the Spice Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
March 2012

ARTS|Not Fair is an irreverent mini-fair that turns a scrutinizing eye towards art fairs themselves and those who patron the annual events. Artists are invited to showcase side projects and experiments they wouldn't normally show in a commercial setting. 

My installation, an experimental project called À Partager (French for "Share" or "To Share"), examined the traditional role of paintings and the ephemera created in their development while challenging the idea of art as an exclusive commodity. Choosing three paintings, my workflow was broken down into four root elements: writing, drawing, photography and color studies. These individual bits of information were displayed on the gallery wall much as one would display a finished artwork. The paintings themselves were digitized and relegated to an online "inventory" accessible only through the use of a QR code that accompanied each installation. The viewer was invited to scan the QR code, download a high-resolution copy of the finished painting into their mobile device and explore the paintings in detail along side the displayed information on the gallery wall. Process and product were placed in the viewer's hand. As a result, the downloaded artwork left the gallery, literally in their pocket, free of charge. 

(Note: The resolution of the downloaded artwork allowed the viewer to print a 300dpi, 6"x4" postcard version of the painting.)